Knightswood Early Years Centre

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Medical Information


From time to time children can become unwell and require medication. If this situation arises for your child you should discuss their requirements with the Head of Centre, Depute or Team Leader. Prescribed medication will be given at the discretion of the Head of Centre and you will be required to fill in a medicine form stating the name of the medicine and times for it to be administered to your child. Only medicines prescribed by your doctor or hospital can be given to your child: this includes cream for nappy rash. All medication should have the doctor or pharmacist’ s label on it stating the child’s name, dosage to be given and the time between dosages. Parents must always administer the first dose of any new medicine. Any medications that are required to be given in the nursery day are either stored in a locked cupboard within your child's playroom or in the fridge depending on the storage instructions of the medicine. If your child suffers from asthma, you must inform the Head of Centre if there are any activities or specific circumstances which are likely to bring on an attack.



Every care will be taken to prevent accidents however from time to time all children receive minor bumps and grazes. Should this happen your child will be comforted by a member of staff and the injury will be treated accordingly. The adult who is collecting the child will be informed of the incident and asked to sign the accident book: a copy of this is stored within your child's file.



For the protection of your child and the other children, parents are asked not to bring your child to nursery if they are unwell. Please phone the nursery in the morning to let the staff know that your child will not be attending that day. If your child becomes unwell whilst at nursery we will contact you in order for you to make an appointment with your doctor, or you may just be asked to collect your child from the nursery as soon as possible depending on the symptoms. Individuals who suffer gastrointestinal infection are at increased risk of spreading the infection to others. They should be advised to remain off nursery for 48 hours after the symptoms of diarrhoea and vomiting have resolved. 



A qualified first-aider will assess the injury and a decision will be taken about the required treatment. If it becomes necessary your child will be taken to The Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow. You will be notified and asked to meet your child and staff members there.

Named First-AIder: Anne Graham