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Guidance on Baby Feeds


Breastfeeding and your business -

Breast Feeding 

Knightswood Early Years Centre is a breast feeding friendly nursery. We encourage and welcome parents to feed their child in a warm, safe and secure environment. If you are breast feeding your child, staff within the centre will be more than happy to support you. If you require any further advice or support please speak to any member of staff. 

Bottle Feeding

Our bottle feeding policy is in place to ensure good practice and hygiene guidelines are followed at all times. We require your support in this area. If your child is bottle fed we request that you: 

  1. Please bring in bottles which can be kept here at nursery. They will be stored in the playroom and sterilised by staff when required. 
  2. Powdered milk should be brought to the centre in a fresh unopened box. Staff follow guidance as listed on the milk tub. (MUST BE USED WITHIN 4 WEEKS OF OPENING) 
  3. Please ensure your child's name is clearly presented on the bottle and box/tub of milk. If possible, we welcome ready-to-go cartons of milk, which will be poured into a freshly sterilised bottle.