Knightswood Early Years Centre

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Building Security


The nursery operates a secure door entry system.

To gain entry to the nursery you are asked to adhere to the following procedure: 

  1. On arrival, press the buzzer marked NURSERY
  2. When the buzzer is answered, please confirm WHO YOU ARE. Once staff have identified you, entry will be given. 
  3. Once you enter the main door continue up 1 flight of stairs to the nursery entrance door. 
  4. On exiting the building, please touch the pad at the GREEN RELEASE BUTTON on your left side and push the door

Please note there is a 30 second delay from entering the main door and reaching the nursery entrance door. The 2nd entrance door will then deactivate to allow you entry. The EXIT button has been deliberately placed out of reach of children. Please do not lift children up to allow them to press the button. Your child's safety is our greatest priority.