Knightswood Early Years Centre

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Nursery Charges 2023/2024

The charges for early year’s provision will vary according to family circumstances.  Your early year’s establishment will clarify the charging rate applicable to you. 


Standard Rate 

£4.00 per Hour

Discounted Rate

£3.00 per Hour

Resident Reduced Rate

£1.00 per Hour

College/University Rate                           

£4.00 per Hour

Resident Second Child Rate

£2.20 per Hour

Resident Third Child Rate

£1.70 per Hour


£0.50 per Meal


£1.52 per Meal


£0.26 per Snack


All charges, including those for meals and snacks are subject to annual review and any changes will be notified to parents/carers by the head of your early years’ establishment.

Please note that these charges only apply to those children using extra hours above their 1140 entitlement. Baby places are also charged and any two year old that doesn’t qualify for an eligible two placement will also be charged for the hours they use.