Knightswood Early Years Centre

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All nursery places are allocated in line with Glasgow City Council’s Admissions and charging policy for early years. All applications are taken to the local admissions panel where the Head of Centre from neighbouring nurseries come together to review the applications and allocate places.

Our panel is made up from Knightswood Early Years Centre, Pikeman Family Learning Centre, Rowena Nursery, Whiteinch Nursery and Yokerburn Nursery.

The panel meets twice a year to review applications and allocate places. If we are unable to allocate your first choice of place we will then look at your second and third choice establishments. Only one application form should be completed within your first choice nursery. Please note not all the nurseries present at the panel can accommodate 0-2's. Please refer to GFIS for nursery information and age groups.

How to Apply

  • You can call the nursery and arrange an appointment. We hold a date once per month at the centre, where a member of the management team will be available to answer any questions and complete your application form.  
  • Ensure you bring original copies of the documents needed to process your application. Details of what documents are required can be found HERE
  • Please note that a foreign national check may be required to be completed if you are not a British national. This can be completed at nursery and approved prior to an application being made.


Once you have accepted your place here in Knightswood Early Years one of the Senior Management Team will contact you and arrange a date to come in and complete the enrolment paperwork, necessary for you child starting nursery.  At that meeting you will be given a date for your keyworker and member of management to visit you and your child at home. We find home visits beneficial to helping your child settle into their new nursery environment. It is also an opportunity to discuss with you, the settling in process that best suits your child's needs including; dietary and medical requirements. We look forward to meeting you!


Parents are asked to settle their child in the playroom until they have become familiar with their key worker and other staff in the nursery environment. The first visit usually lasts around 40 minutes.

Changes can be stressful at any stage in life, but for young children they can be particularly challenging. Starting nursery can make demands on children as they learn to cope with new situations. Parents also need support to cope with change and new situations. Because of this, sensitive care and attention is given to ensuring smooth transitions are extremely important, taking into account the importance of responsive care; Future visits are discussed and arranged via parents and their child’s keyworkers. The duration of each visit is determined fully on each individual child’s response to their visits.

The Keyworker System

The keyworker is responsible for a group of children.  They are also responsible for building relationships with parents/carers.  Over a period of time, the keyworker can build up a picture of each child’s skills and abilities, and can plan learning experiences for each child to develop these skills and abilities.

Key workers also have responsibility for the physical environment of the play area to ensure that is used effectively and that appropriate resources are available for the children.