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Lunches Snack and Healthy Eating


Lunches are provided via the school kitchen at Blairdardie Primary. Children attending the setting for a full day session are provided with a morning snack, a two course lunch and an afternoon snack.

Snacks are provided daily. There is a mid-morning snack and a mid-afternoon snack which consists of a light snack and some fruit along with milk or water. There is also opportunities from time to time for children to participate in preparation of snacks including cooking and baking. 

Children attending for a half day session will be provided with one snack am or pm (hours dependent) and a two course lunch.

Our lunches alternate daily between a starter and a main or a main course and a pudding. The main course options also consist of one meat based and one vegetarian option available for the child to choose on the day.

If your child has any allergies or dietary requirements we will cater for these but we kindly ask that you provide the nursery with a letter from the GP.

Please find images below which show an example of the menu on offer:


Week 1 Monday Tuesday Wednesday   Thursday Friday
Starter  Soup & Bread _______________ Soup & Bread            _______ Soup & Bread
Main Course Option 1 Quorn Meatballs in tomato sauce with rice & veg Roast Chicken, Yorkshire Pudding, Potatoes & Veg  Fish Fingers with Potatoes & Veg  Steak Pie with Potatoes & Veg Chicken Curry with Rice & Veg 
Main Course Option 2 Cheese Sandwich  Fish Goujons & Veg  Turkey Sandwich or Roll   Sweet Chilli Quorn & Pitta Pocket  Tuna Pasta with Veg 
Vegetarian Option  As above - Option 1  Quorn Sausages in Gravy & Potatoes  Halal Roast Chicken Wrap with Veg  Vegetable Spaghetti Bolognese with Crusty Bread  Broccoli Quiche with Potatoes


Yoghurt (fresh or frozen)   _________ Yoghurt (fresh or frozen) Custard
Drink  Milk or Water  Milk or Water  Milk or Water  Milk or Water Milk or Water



The nursery implements a healthy living policy. We aim to offer your child a healthy, nutritious and fun snack. We also aim to educate your child on leading a healthy lifestyle and how they can help to look after their own health. With this in mind we do not promote birthday cakes for birthday celebrations, we do however ensure we mark these events with a special snack and a small gift.